We believe that product design is more than just the creation of physical products. Good design inspires and has the ability to make us aware of what makes us human. It makes us curious and facilitates connection with ourselves, each other and the world around us and brings us joy. NEWGIFTSOFAFRICA is a design distributor with this inspiration at the heart of its philosophy.

We are curious about the past, passionate about living in the present and we are bold enough to visualize the future. We are importer and distributor for the European market for multiple design brands that are based in or have a strong connection with the African continent. Why? Because we believe that precisely where cultures converge, new forms for the future can be found.

NEWGIFTSOFAFRICA is your business partner for contemporary african design, gift & lifestyle products. We select quality brands and our collection represents a unique voice, away from the ordinary. We act and select our partners based on the following values: integrity, authenticity and fairness. 

Our values


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We do what we say and say what we do. This is also what we expect from the partners we work with. We actively check, verify and validate that our partners deliver the quality they promise and offer our expertise to improve their quality where necessary. Our passion for design combined with our legal knowledge and longstanding local networks, makes us unique in the market. 


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For us, this has to do with quality and credibility. We only work with brands and designers if the story the product or design tells us speaks to us. Only in this way we are able to use all our energy and knowledge to make the launch and positioning of a brand a success . 


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We say if something doesn't work out for us and will work with you to offer a solution.Whether it's a technical possibility of a design or a deadline for a delivery. In addition, we actively check whether our partners are treating suppliers, employees and the environment fairly and with respect.  

Giving back.

Ideas that lead to designs do not take place in isolation but arise from the connection with each other or with the community. That is why we find it important to support projects in Africa that are concerned with education, culture exchange or sharing of knowledge necessary for good design. 

The group annually invests 5-10% of the realized profits in local projects. We are currently working on the expansion of the library for Infolink University College in Awasa (Ethiopia).